The path was resplendent
With dew-filled wild flowers and
Muddy footprints

Of those who’d gone
Before my careful steps
Racoon, deer, dog, man

And bird song
Filled the air with
Melody and light

But when I turned on
The path leading to my lake
My spirits soared

A pelican in flight
Right toward me then careened
Over the entire lake

Searching for fish

And rounding the lake
I spied a trove of pelicans
Sheltering in the reeds

Until a noise – me? –
Startled them out
In one kerfuffle

Of wings and beaks
And feet underwater
Comedic antics!

Thirteen in all
As they stretched out
Across the tiny lake

To swim
To fish
To preen

But mostly
To entertain me while the
Egrets, geese and ducks looked on