lately I’ve been
hiding somewhere sad
dark and deep
in your mind
some torment saint
of random haunt
– or more like
demon of lost
hopes, hopeless dreams
prism crystal palaces
frothing champagne falls
shattered in passing
thunder crack sharp
shadowed subsonic boom
of dinosaur disaster

a thought lost
in dusty archive
of crumbling blueprint
castles of smoke
erased by hurricane
and leaden fog
the me I
suppose you meant
to re-invent once
upon a time

it stays true
our mistakes don’t
repeat but just
most times rhyme
ignorant action unintended
injury suffered but
spirit never malign
left to echo
empty midnight alleys
moaning siren whine
with a forlorn
desire for the
non-extant power to
turn back time

we both survived
and stood in
the peaceful eye
of that whirlwind
that wiped out
simple engineered life
under provisional construction
– the structure was
not strong enough
the nails all
too short and
the hammer lost
at last, leaving
old wedding gifts
littering the lawn
family photos strewn
across garage concrete

the toon of
this lousy poem
best left in
that final image, complete