I was driving a deserted road.
Trees leaned over both sides
of the pavement. Daylight was fading.
I needed a place to sleep.

I was asleep dreaming this road
and a building appeared.
A dimly lit sign read Percy’s Rest
and Restaurant – Rooms for rent.

I pulled onto the gravel lot
in made-for-the-movies gloom,
walked inside, inquired about
a room for the night, asked
what town I was in.

I don’t recall the transaction
or bringing my bag inside.
I remember a small room
with old-fashioned furniture,
a bed with a soft comforter.

I sat on the bed, texted my daughter
to tell her where I was. I was asleep
in my dream when she texted back to say
she could find no such town and no evidence
Percy’s Rest and Restaurant existed.