We now take you to this evening’s debate
between Celsius, who prefers to be known as Cel,
and Fahrenheit. Her friends call her Fahr.
The two are the most common measures
of temperature, but they agree on very little.

On the hot side of the debate, Cel says water
boils at 100°, while friends of Fahr
know that water boils at precisely 212°.
On the cold side, it is evident water freezes
at 0 degrees Celsius, but won’t freeze
until it reaches 32° Fahrenheit.

And to make our competition even more
contentious, Cel and Fahr use different size
degrees. When Cel stands up to argue,
he surely will remind you that one degree Celsius
is 1.8 times the size of one degree Fahrenheit.
Fahr may ask you to remember that, at -40°
they are both the same.

Oh sure, there’s a convenient formula
to allow conversion from one to the other,
but neither one is likely to agree to convert.