I join the Navy
Gets me a draft deferment
‘til I graduate

I get my gold ensign bars
I say goodbye, college joys

Alaska beckons
Ferocious winds stir the sea
Ship rocks, rolls, yaws

Waves raise the bow slam it down
Ship quakes. Hail Mary full of ….

Enter canal locks
Water lifts ship few inches
forward to next lock

Mother Nature frowns, we pass
Pacific to Atlantic

Sun breaks horizon
Presents an endless ocean
Begins boring day

Wow, dolphins on sides of bow
vanish, boring day returns

Liberty, Naples
Boat to ruins of Pompeii
Tour Roman Ruins

Preserved by volcanic ash
Dug out for our viewing joy

Liberty for crew
under Aruba’s hot sun
ends rudely at noon

Sunstruck sailors pour aboard
Drunk, nasty, looking for fights

Panama City
Sand pure white, ocean deep blue
Sailors not welcome

First night sailors off ship
I bail seven out of jail

Sailors desperate
I rent resort in boondocks
Fence keeps out the snakes

Resort great for drunken brawl
Sailors wreck it. Captain pissed