I have done at least
One thing perfectly
In my life
I have faked my man
Gone up in the air and
Gotten nothing by net

Now I write poetry
And now no matter
How happy I am
With a poem
It is never perfect

It can always be tweaked
Have words added
Or cut or changed
Never really finished
Never perfect

But, sometimes,
I have
To pause
To stop
And just get
Poems out the door

And that is this submission

John F. McMullen is Poet Laureate of Yorktown, NY; graduate of Iona College (BA); Marist College (MSCS & MPA); member of the American Academy of Poets, Poets & Writers, Hudson Valley Writers Center, Mahopac Writers Group, The Mahopac and Yorktown Poetry Workshops, and a columnist and radio host. — www.johnmac13.com.