Oh Calculus, about you I craft this tiny ditty
Much reviled for complexity, that’s such a pity!
You help us understand limits, areas, and slope,
For crushing intricate functions, you offer us boundless hope!

Oh Calculus, you’re forever the captivating read,
Filled with hopeful new beginnings like a germinating seed,
The continuous functions you can limit and differentiate,
Even the perplexing transcendentals, you can credibly integrate!

Oh Calculus, you really blow my mind,
With all the handy formulas, that I endlessly find.
Velocity or acceleration with derivatives become a breeze,
Just make position function reduce its polynomial degrees!

Oh, Calculus how strong are all your branches,
Like a tree with sturdy arms, you can endure avalanches.
Finding max, min, and slopes with derivatives is pretty cool
Estimate areas and volumes with anti-derivatives to pass high school!

Oh Calculus, you make our tedious lives complete,
Without your techniques, we’ll be on befuddled street!
Jumps in graphs, empty holes, or pesky asymptotes,
Stand vanquished by sprightly theorems in my calculus notes!

Oh Calculus, you make my heart leap with your plentiful uses,
As a fountainhead for concepts, you’ve inspired a thousand muses
Economics, statistics, physics, and engineering, to name a notable few,
Wouldn’t be where they are today, if it weren’t for you!