Would you, I want to ask,
would you follow me into the dark?
Into the endless night and
the nothing to follow,
to make sure I had a hand to hold
in case I felt afraid?
If I fought you tooth and nail,
would you listen to me or your heart?
If I said I would never forgive you,
not for throwing your life away with mine,
would you do it still?
Are you going to come with me,
against my protests, against my wishes,
because you’d rather I be angry than alone?
When I feel the pull, feel the tug,
and you think you can bring me back from the sunless land
but you know that there’s no way to be sure,
would you take my hand,
an Orpheus who didn’t look back?
If I am Eurydice and I am doomed,
would you follow me into the dark?