I long to walk into
A dive bar with you
Hand in hand
And sit at the bar and share a beer

We easily talk to the bartender
The others at the bar
And each other
Conversation flows
Just like the beer
But it’s real
Although we’ve never met
These folks before

The band comes back from break
And is smoking hot
The dance floor fills
And after a drink or two
You join me for a set

I love how your eyes sparkle
When you laugh because you’re happy
And I feel young
On the inside
And I am floating

For tonight I feel connected
And alive
And cherished by you

And when I see myself
Through your eyes
And you see yourself
Through mine

We’re better for the
Rose-colored glasses
We both are wearing

When we leave the bar
And step into the cool, fresh night air
We are filled with music and dancing
And each other
We carry the night with us
As we look up at the star-filled sky
Pin-pricked with hope
And limitless bursts of light

And I see you there
And you see me there
In the sky
In the hope
In each other
And hand in hand
We walk
Into the night