It was at 1:57 today
when I finally heard what
the beach was
saying to me

About half a century
from when she first shared
her wisdom to my soul

Perhaps, like the waves
That slowly move
To finally reach your toes
It just took a while
To reach my true self

Turning the
Into the truth

And like the chilly
Ocean water
The beach’s words
Truly reached me
Woke me

The rest of the beach joined
To ensure that
This time
I heard and listened

The clouds pick their spots
And stay
They know they need
Not work too hard
Now to share their message

Above me
Framing my life
Each chapter
For me to read
In blues and wisps
And sweet memories
That fuel tomorrow

This is where
Your home is
And the only place
That tells the whole
They drew for me

On my back
I talk to the sand
As it reminds me
Who rules
Adjusting around
My body
To embrace me

Don’t forget again
The gull says
Or so I interpret
Stop pretending
As she hovers over me
And smiles

As the clouds
Stay still
I realize they are
Reverse magnets
Pinning me to the beach
As if I want to ever leave