So dark, so quiet.
On the deck comes the special soft breeze.
It says it is the embrace for the sleep
that did not come, nor the dreams that
did not show a way

The mystery remains a puzzle
the steps out of play
Yet something keeps saying,
from afar and from near
This can be done
Return to the 20s, when there was no fear
So dark, oh so quiet
The knowledge of the deck chair

It is morning when you are to get here
It is morning when all teases arise
When you see all that the hidden morning murmurs

So dark, oh deep quiet
The hidden morning embrace

And so it says, wherever you are,
get here.
when you are up late, call me.
we will meet for coffee
in the middle of the night
parse the world
discuss strength of the bean

when you are up early,
knock on my door
so we can sing together
to the rising sun

when you are laughing with tears,
let me write your music.
when you feel the sun’s heat warm you,
let me help boil the right things.
when you feel the loving
chill of nights,
come hug me on the Vespa.

when you feel like the world
cannot hear you,
watch my eyes listen
when you feel confused,
let me show you
how silly I can be

when you feel me,
we will make sure no one
will bother us

Tell me your wants
They will open me more

Wherever you are,
get here

Tom Squitieri is a three-time winner of the Overseas Press Club and White House Correspondents’ Association awards for work as a war correspondent. His poetry appears in several publications, books and anthologies, art exhibitions and movies. He writes most of his poetry while parallel parking or walking his dogs, Topsie and Batman.