The shimmering cherry blossoms catch my eye.
I feel a whirl of wind catch me and like blossoms in flight
My thoughts drift off towards the moon.
A complete circle. A circular form.
Like a circular wedding band.

A sliver of enso moonlight
Dances upon the cherry blossoms.
My mind plays tricks on me
Remembering places full of falling blossoms and moonbeams.

My dad lifted me high above his shoulders as a child of seven.
“Look above the tallest pine tree” the moon shimmered bright.
You gave me my moon, Dad and love covered me completely like
The cherry blossoms of Mackinac, cascading like fallen snow.

I walked amongst the temples of Narita and drank tea
With women in traditional Japanese attire.
My brother and I traveling the Orient unaware of enso moons
And cherry blossoms.
We drank San Miguel beer and laughed over shrimp tempura.

I tell my sons I love them “to the moon and back.”
I love my husband in the quiet glow of just us.
A complete circle.
The cherry blossoms shimmer beneath the moon, all complete.

I stare off into the dark night seeking out my moon.
My guiding light and a hello from heaven from dad.
The cherry blossoms shimmer and the heavenly stars dance as
Forever constellations of long ago.

A full circle and complete you glimmer in the night enso moon.
A quiet reminder of life coming full circle
Like traditions and years coming to a close.
I seek you out each night and pray for magic moonbeams
To gently touch my shoulder and guide me home to you.