Shadowed silent prayers precede dawn’s civic stir. Routine procedure
readies one’s rush through opened door to board packed bus or train.
God’s pristine Creation beckons souls in vain.

If we’d pause to parse chilled window view, would we audit how we live?
Does the subliminal pitch to buy the bauble or spend a lavish
evening out sustain.

Might we make communal values matter more than showy things
assertive sellers make us see.

Sparrow and squirrel glimpsed through frosted glass skitter on sidewalks
to seek not more than what they need while some of us would drive away
the migrant or the homeless refugee.

Tangible unlikely ends encourage active minds. Elite science altered climate
but before that built The Bomb to plan for our destruction but not how to get

Greed breeds the power in our politics that vast wealth affords.
The cacophony of comments blasts more noise than truth, insistently implies
our hands are tied, there’s little we can do to save a world in flames.

So, peruse the latest fragrance, splurge on flashy car, due notice on the street.
I’d rather gift a twenty to ensure that someone eats!