Dear faithful companion, as slow light
awakens before sun’s rising, do you
feel my anxious body self-inflict
persistent iron drudgery of everyday life?
Only hear belly breathing, OM mantra.
Only feel your patient hidden courage.
I roll you out like kneaded
dough awaiting juicy filling. You intercede—
cozy security for hard reality of
wooden planks beneath. Sometimes you are
grandma’s patched quilt, private airport runway
buoying me on another uncharted odyssey.
Or how about your healing rug
spring garden patch, narrow secret path
leading you to places where intense
yearnings unravel, slowly become quieted?
You allow me step to scary precipice where
I teeter, but your sticky grip
rescues me from tragedy. Thank you
for surrendering to handprints, knobby knee
impressions. But mostly for inviting my
whole self to repose on your
skin before I roll you up,
walk us home through blades of sunlight