The black-feathered bastards,
lazing on swaying tree tops,
cackled with laughter
at my winter-white legs,
bony shanks spoking out of tan shorts
for the first time this year
under the spotlight of a spring sun
high in the cloudless sky.
Not knowing any good crow slang or comebacks
I went back inside.

David H Weinberger is an American author working in Berlin, Germany. His short story, “Kronprinzen Bridge” has been published in Thrice Fiction. He has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and taught kindergarten for eight years in Salt Lake City, Utah. David’s website is
Steve Ullom lives, works, and writes from the middle of a continent with his wife and two dogs. His writing can be found or is forthcoming at Quail Bell Magazine, Allegro Poetry Magazine, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, and the anthologies: The Colours of Refuge, and Mytho.