In 1864
in Colorado
99 years before I was born
they came to you
starving, emaciated
trading their guns
for food and protection

they hung the US flag
in citizenship
the white flag
of surrender
and peace

and in time before dawn
while the world slept
in peace
you attacked
in a massacre
of Biblical proportions

one hundred sixty dead
rest left for dead
(and some reports
are even higher still
two hundred plus)

is it any wonder
there is tension
still today
in 2023
159 years later
there hasn’t even been
a whole year passed
to mourn each one

this is your legacy
their blood is on your hands

but they run
each year
on the anniversary of
the Sand Creek Massacre
to remember
to mourn
to celebrate the life
of the man who challenged
and lost his life for it
Silas Soule

we remember
the Arapaho and Cheyenne
who were wrongly
by you
and your soldiers

and we remember Soule
for his courageous act
to vet you out