I am only four
but I can see far

We’re on a boat
and it’s pouring
the boat is rocking
to and fro
my family is sea sick

but I am entranced
by the waves
by the motion
by the storm
by the danger

for I am safe
within my family

we get off the boat early
a whole stop from
where we parked
my dad hoists me
to his shoulders
for the long walk
to the car

I’m in my white hoodie
with the hood up
pulled in tight

but I can see the rain
and people running
every which way
I can see my
mother and brother
hand in hand beside
us walking
I can hear my
father breathing

I am calm
and safe
and warm
amidst the storm

for I am safe
within my family

Jennifer Gurney lives in Colorado where she teaches, paints, writes and hikes. She is a newly published poet, at age 59. Jennifer enjoys writing commentary about poetry, as well as poetry-related essay. During the pandemic she joined the online poetry community of The Daily Haiku. Poetry has been a lifeline.