I fear not death that it will come
It’s the how that causes my torment.
Will she kick on my door to forewarn?
A storm moving quickly that drags me away?
Or passes me by and comes back again?
Will she thunder and pound, relentlessly?
Drown me with floods and suffocate?
Send bolts of fire through my skin?
Will she hover and stay for a while,
Puffing and howling and howling some more?
Or will she nag like a drizzle that lingers too long?
If death be kind, and I pray she will be,
She will steal me away with a lullaby,
Lulling with the Rock-A-Bye

Heather Miller, Executive Director at White Plains’ Slater Center wears many other important hats with great skill. Recipient of multiple awards, she is well-known for her compassion and her commitment to improving people’s lives. As Miller puts it, “My passion is people in general; however, my deepest passion is children.