A crisp and sunlit,
blue-sky day!
Evergreen leaves
reverently hushed
in awe of
the arriving season.

The still, cool air
is welcome chill,
like gentle frost or
snow on windowsill
that whispers peace
and Christmastime.

And when this day,
this day I watch,
begins to wane,
duskily enfolding me,
the glow of Christmas
starts to glisten, and
my mother and
my father
return to me again.

I turn to you,
my sweetest childhood friends,
endless protectors
beyond the time of growing up
beyond the after-years.

In twinkling, cheerful lights
I see you both.
I feel your sparkling smiles,
and sharings
that I never thought would end,
and shimmering memories
of our luscious home
that brimmed with gifts,
with joy…with love.

I sway, give in again
to the insistent glimmer,
to melodies of carols
past and present,
to intoxicating cinnamon and pine.
My soul almost believes,
defying truth itself,
that we might meet once more.

This wildness in me,
this fermented potion,
brews ferocious trust
within my heart.
Could we embrace again?

Look how in softest night
the Christmas tree
twinkles its reply!

Never have I said to anyone
that it might happen.
But, if
in undiscovered place,
some secret silence,
if it can…

where shall we meet?