Dedicated to my son’s amazing dog,
Kodiak, who passed 1-5-24 

I wake
with a heavy heart
burdened with your
impending demise

yesterday were
the goodbyes
today will simply be
the ending
of a lovely life
well lived by your
kindness and
understanding love

you divided sorrows
of all whose lives
you touched with
your calm presence
your understanding gaze
your patience

you absorbed our sorrows
and held them as your own
running them off
shaking them off

so we didn’t have
to carry them along
just by being you
you divided sorrows

and now
as you leave us
our full sorrows
are felt
in their entirety
for this one day

and the enormity
of your gift
of all the years combined
of all you have born for us

is staggering
to behold
so I just want to say
as often as I can today

thank you