my heart is skittish
at hearing the term

I gave my heart to you
in front of
our world
at the side of the lake
under the
October sun’s
brilliant rays

with all the honesty
and truthfulness
and goodness
that live within my heart

and you gave
yours to me
in fact you went first
so when I gave
you mine
it was when
I’d already
yours in mine

so I will always know
that moment
of stunning brilliance
when your heart
met mine
and they fused
for eternity

so in asking
for yours back
I’m not sure
that’s humanly possible

for your heart
has become my heart
and they will be
forever intertwined
I’m not sure
no matter how hard I try

for that day
I made a
and my heart
became yours
and yours became mine
and they will be
forever linked

there is no
with matters
of the heart
mine will
always beat
with yours