There has been no rain for almost a year
Skipped the Monsoon Season,
Skipped the need of my trees
Now begging as their trunks pale
What should be purple and green are crisp
Gray out of the Mojave’s oven
Without smell or taste or beauty

I have killed beautiful things before
Trusted in nature’s benevolence
Refused to acknowledge my partnership
I allowed a rose garden and my own needs
The dreams of youth, expectations of family
To wither

I see now that I too am dry
Older than she ever was at my age
I know the lack of something to nurture me
Run thru my veins excited like the rush of rapids
Or the push of waters that rage through a wash
Under bridges and along the walls of arroyos

I heard thunder the other night
there was a torment of water wetting the rocks,
dampening the soil, pelting my roof,
But not enough to raise the scent of petrichor
Or give the trees what they need

I know that feeling-
The wait of expectations
And the disappointment that it,
Whatever it may be,
Is rarely enough.

Charlene Stegman Moskal is most recently published in “Humana Obscura”, “Connecticut River Review”, ”Sandstone & Silver; an Anthology of Nevada Poets”. Her second chapbook is “One Bare Foot” ( Zeitgeist Press). Charlene is in her seventh decade, laughs often and loves coffee ice cream hot fudge sundaes.