Over the Virginia Range.         In Reno we listen, see the news where
the sun slips up the wide sky buildings dangle stoves
humbled by last night’s pink moon.         and Russian soldiers
pleased with a part in it –          believe lies scattered like
pine needles and red leaves          broken pencil points
crosshatch sky, white porcelain          children missing under skies
an edge of apricot light –          with unholy missiles flying and
across the valley Reno floats in Bucha
dim stones with flecks of mica –          families in basements are not
streaming toward me through clear air        they are not dreaming, cannot imagine
a herd of clouds, their manes and horsetails their lives before this –

Melanie Perish’s work has appeared in Persimmon Tree, Calyx, The Meadow, and other publications. Nevada Humanities features her on websites Heart to Heart and Nevadan to Nevadan. Foreign Voices, Native Tongues (Single Wing Press/Blurb, 2021) is her second collection. She is a member of Poets & Writers, Inc.