While courting, Jacob liked to whisper to Rachel, “Soon we can share ‘God’s Gift.’” On their wedding night, Jacob prayed with her about the sanctity of ‘God’s Gift.’” Rachel soon discovered, however, that Jacob’s version of “God’s Gift” was mostly a gift for Jacob. A few years later, Rachel discovered that Jacob was sharing “God’s Gift” with a young woman in their church congregation. After some sound legal advice, tearful confrontations, a period of self-care, efforts to understand her own needs, and a helpful coworker’s matchmaking skills, Rachel was pleased to discover the joy she could experience with “Kevin’s Gift.”

John Sheirer lives in Western Massachusetts and is in his 30th year of teaching at Asnuntuck Community College in Northern Connecticut where he edits Freshwater Literary Journal (submission welcome). His work has appeared recently in Wilderness House Literary Review, Meat for Tea, Poppy Road Review, Synkroniciti, and Otherwise Engaged, among others. JohnSheirer.com.