Snowflakes falling aimlessly through the air
Not caring nor even aware
Of morning’s promised horizon of light.

I walk the street with downcast eyes.
Like the trillions of humans before my time,
I question every facet of the unknown.
“I write,” I say, “I have the need to know!”

Darkness vibrates my restless thoughts
And all I thought was true is not;
A child impatiently waits to grow up
And then he wants the world to stop.

I look up to the street light against the cold,
Envision your face – which I’d love to hold.
Smiling warmly, I reach for the light
Knowing you’re not there, though, still in sight.

I stop. I squint. I hand you my mind.
You read it for a spell. You laugh, then sigh:
“Poet”’ you say, “listen to me:
“Tonight these snowflakes falling you see,
“Tomorrow find one or two or maybe three”.

R. Olaf Erich is a broad thinker with a BS in Religious Studies and Environmental ethics. That makes him a Poet.