Five poems came back to me today
From half a year ago

Reading them with fresh new eyes
I was meeting new friends

For they were written
Before I was to become who I am today

And their messages
Reach out to me across the days

To remind me of how far I have come
In such a short time

I was longing
For a typewriter to pen my poems upon

And wrote of the
Feel of the keys and the sound of the bell

Before I had
Even discovered my current obsession

And I had to laugh
Because I had forgotten that the bell rings

When the carriage reaches the
End of the line not with the lever that shifts it

And so I had to rewrite that poem
To include this new information

And it dawned on me that life is kind of like that
Trying, waiting, returning, revising, growing

And as I sit with my friends of the past
I ponder a new home for them

For that after all
Is poetry