Ignacio comes from Toronto
guides tourists to freshwater caves
(cenotes) of the Yucatan peninsula
where death once rained down
destroying the Earth once again.

Ignacio knows his geological shit
about the ebb and flow of oceans
slow evolution of stalactites
how subterranean rivers feed forests
how Mexican corruption creeps.

Ignacio knows where bats live
and the size of catfish and eels
heartbeats of spiritual hollow trees
from which the Mayan crafted boats
to take them to the underworld.

Ignacio sings while he drives his bus
knows all the words in English
and Spanish. Canadian. Mexican.
Mana. Shakira. Bee Gees. Prince.
knows how to bribe the Policia.

Ignacio wants to leave with his dogs
before glacier melt floods the cenotes
driving jaguars and immigrants
toward unwelcome border walls
taking his love for music with him.