Sitting, resting in the summer setting
While the autumn fire is seen spreading
‘Cross the green leaves scattered in the trees
Red and orange, gentle yellow pressing
Ne’er I lay a second without glancing
To the wayward mellow sun rays dancing
Bliss beside my battered latibule
Vines and moss have grown in on the roof
I steal a prolonged glimpse at mountain tops
Gaia’s pyramids, coarse behemoth rocks
Calming water lapping at the lake shore
Blue, infectious blue, and it will bore
In my stoic eyes, the tide is pulling
Out from me an urge to go exploring
But I decided long ago to stay
With my latibule, as we decay

C. Walker is a poet from Connecticut, born in Switzerland, currently attending Cornell University. He most enjoys Romantic and absurdist writing. He has been published in “Outrageous Fortune”, “Aphelion”, and “Marginalia Review”. His website is