Last track of sun calls out across the sea
after a longing day, stretching to shore.
A dance of diamond light in front of me
leads to the horizon. I’m wanting more.
My eyes begin to trace a forward way
into the clouds where water meets the sky.
It speaks to me almost as if to say,
adventures yet await me by and by.
Soft whisps of white-washed waves ripple the strand.
Soon night will lend its ever darkening shade.
My stance reigns timely here upon this sand.
It shifts and sifts with each day that I wade
on further into depths yet to be seen
where moonlight will lend paths in lambent sheen.

Lucia Haase is a published poet who has been writing formal and free verse poetry for 25 years as the direct result of a spiritual experience. Some poems were accepted by The California State Poetry Society, Amulet Magazine, Screamin’ Mamas, Time of Singing and The Deronda Review.