I am seeing things clearly
I spy the curvature of the earth

a lady in a straw hat walked past
I swore I could smell her talcum powder

the last text you sent
made me think of a poem by Gregory Corso

the fabric of our world is unravelling
one sleeve at a time

I ask no questions
of the brooding eucalypts

my legs have been crossed for so long
they have both gone numb

I am never going to be small enough
to slip through the gaps in this park bench

the plugs in my ears make me aware
of my heartbeat’s own echo chamber

I understand symbiosis
how the tuna needs the brine

I have never seen dead grass
with such a golden hue

Dominic Symes is a Creative Writing PhD Student at University of Adelaide, Australia, and Winner of 2015 National Under-25 Literary Magazine “Voiceworks” Poetry Prize.