The earth moans and groans, like a wounded beast
Her rivers, once full, now run dry and deceased
The trees, once proud, now wilt and weep
Their leaves, like tears, falling in a heap

The sun, once warm, now hot and harsh
As though nature’s heart has hardened and lost its
The wind, once gentle, now bitter and cold
As if it holds nature’s secrets, untold

The sky, once blue, now a murky gray
A reflection of nature’s mood, in disarray
The birds, once singing, now silent and still
As if nature’s sorrow has stripped them of will

The land, once fertile, now barren and bare
As if it’s nature’s punishment, a cross to bear
The flowers, once colorful, now withered and gray
As if nature’s lost her passion, her way

The ocean, once calm, now roars and rages
Like the heart of nature, drowning in cages
The stars, once bright, now muted and dim
As if nature’s light has grown ever so grim

Yet, still there’s hope, a glimmer in the night
A chance for nature to reclaim her might
For like a phoenix, she’ll rise from her ashes
And reclaim her beauty, her power, in flashes

For nature never truly dies, just takes a breath
A pause, a moment, before her next best
And so we wait, with bated breath and hope
For nature to renew, to revive, to cope

For in her despair, we feel the pain
But in her renewal, we’ll know true gain
For nature’s beauty is beyond compare
And when she flourishes, we’ll all be aware.

Concetta Pipia is a published writer and poet. Her work has appeared in several International anthologies including “Expressions of War,” “Poetry on a Plate with Spicy Mango,” “Soul Serenade,” among others. She has degrees in Fine Arts, Law, and Business Administration. Ms. Pipia is a certified well life coach.