Today resembles─
No─ mirrors
The day before
And the day before that…
Quagmired in minutia
Mind cluttered
Chafing from constant sameness
Droning my life away
I wait, stepping in place…
Waiting for what?
Waiting for whom?

Time to unlock my stasis
To exorcize my malaise
Sweeping away
Expectation paralysis
In order to rediscover excitement
Rekindle surprise
And resurrect joy,
As I remodel my outlook.

With bags packed,
I shall set forth─
Destination intentionally unknown.

John Lysaght is a poet and fiction writer who began honing his craft while at university, graduating in 1968 with a degree in English and Classics. John`s experience as teacher, foster care worker, therapist for community mental health, social worker and probation officer informs his writing.