Sasha sits on the bridge.

As far as the hills can be seen.
As far as the birds quietly fly with their wings.
And the soft grass whistling alongside this musical theme.
What could it be?
Surely it must Be,
But what could be if Be cannot be found?

In the place to take a chance,
Everyone has lost true sight.
And so, just as the wind covers and protects what is beneath the shimmering sand,
What may be revealed,
Only the rightful eyes may withstand.

Sasha goes up to Mamata, kneels and takes her hand.

As far as I have ventured.
Listening intently, touching gently and gazing inherently.
I see what no one else sees.
Your sight for every wave to know where to flow.
Your inspiration for every flower to know where to face.
Your tune for every shell to know where to hum.
And the stillness.

I was once a faded leaf.
Shrouded by doubt, shredded of life, and shorn from color
…until you were poured into my soul,
being the miracle from God.

And I became surrounded by your rainforest hair,
Where the glimpse of your Truest Nature kissed me.

Sasha stands.

Could this really be?
This touch.
This sight.
This life meant for me?

I pray what may stay forever by God’s will and grace,
Shall reflect what the reflection reveals.

Sasha takes Mamata to a small patch of grass near the pond and together,
they lay side by side. Sasha kisses Mamata as he lays besides her
and then they both closes their eyes.

May my kiss stream deep to your heart and nestle therein.
To be awakened,
There lies the patience.
As my hand passes through the grass.
It’s your essence that I sense,
Representing this ever-transcendence.

Sasha gently moves his hand through the grass and finds Mamata’s hand.
Sasha and Mamata firmly hold hands as they interlock their fingers
with eyes still closed.

May you and I interlock our trust
… so that we may seek in forever holding onto one another’s touch.
And at last,
Be awakened by the reflection of us.

Mamata and Sasha open their eyes together… seeing their reflections
in the Hand Mirror and both being awakened by the Sight of Everlasting Peace,
Love, Soul Friendship and Harmony.