Holding on, yearning to breathe freely.
Feeling the remnant of origin,
As I sense what I am.
A sacrifice.

There she appears, Mishka my teddy bear.
A shoe lace wrapped around her waist.
It is time to live this recipe once again,
And to hold onto the shoe lace wherever I may go.

It became unknown of how I obtained this shoe lace.
A simple thread of many journeys… intact by a touch.
For that is all I wish to ever hold onto,
Her touch… I will always be her Dearest Touch.

Mishka, stay close to me! I need your soft paw to hold onto!
I do not know what lies ahead.
I could only wonder of what is beyond the hills of Siberia.
As I lay within my confined crib… breathing for what I am.

Oh… this recipe appears rather drained of something.
Mishka, what should I add?
Let me feel your soft paw and adjust the shoe lace around your waist.
There… how could I ever forget to add this?
For this is all I am,

Look… do you see that? There is something in the sky,
And it’s staring straight at me.
Mishka, I’m scared.
What’s happening?
Why are the bars off the crib?
Mishka, stay close to me!
Let me hold onto the shoe lace!

Have the winds of Siberia finally foretold my path?
Will my wonder be guided beyond the hills?
Hold on, before we go Mishka… I need to add more to the recipe.
There… let it be Trust that guides my wonder.

Now my eyes may stare back at hers.
I do not know why that,
I can only see her eyes at night… beyond up to the sky.
She knows where I am now.
I only have Trust to lead my wonder.
Tell me… what am I breathing for now?
Why do you stare at me like that?

Mishka, promise me that you won’t ever leave, stay close to me!
For now, I know that I must continue embarking,
The remaining journey with the shoe lace,
For this is the only remnant I still feel of what I am.

I must find my breathe for a new life begins.
But I am unfamiliar with this land.
So long I can stare into her eyes,
I shall remain hers,
As she gave life to me.

The ingredients are here…. but something is missing.
Time may stir its course… just as the lakes of Siberia stir along its land.
Every drop of my tears has been poured… what is next Mishka?
Mishka, there you go giving me that look again!
Whaa… tell me what I must do!

What am I to breath for what I am if I not redeem what I am?
For every leaf that falls from a tree in Siberia knows its Destiny.
The color may change through seasons… but every leaf breathes freely.
Every leaf may travel by the winds in one way or another… but eventually,
Every leaf redeems its freedom by its tree.

But how Mishka… what purpose to strive for me if I cannot find my tree?
I feel as a deep mystery has been planted in me for quite some time now.
And now it’s starting to awaken my sense, I must listen.
I must let my breath welcome this deep mystery
… in finally being redeemed.
The ingredients are all here,
For I now must stir my course back to my land,
For that is where my tree Is… and it’s calling its leaf.
I have not yet been redeemed by my tree.
Mishka, I feel it’s time to let my breathe be redeemed
…by seeking my origin.

Mishka, let me hold onto the shoe lace.
Huu…. interesting how the shoe lace thread remains the same feeling,
As it did Journeys Ago… maybe it’s a touch that has never gone away.
A Dearest Touch that remains intact within me through all journeys.

I’m staring at you mow.
And now, I know why you stare back at me like that.
Deep within your eyes… truth will be revealed.
What has been awaiting all this time
… is for me to at last,
Give back the touch you gave me,
And this will redeem the mystery in breathing for what I am.

I am the leaf that will soar back to your tree.
With the hope and trust of what my wonder means to me.
Wonder this… wonder that,
I am forever yours… so that your tree,
May never fade from me.

Do you see that?
The hills are still there!
Hold on Mishka, let me put the shoe lace around your waist.
Let me hold onto you wherever I may go.
Mishka… for some reason I am no longer afraid.

The ingredients are now stirring itself.
I only have what I am to give back to you.
At last,
Let my touch breath back life into you,
As for I am your last touch that breathed life into me
… so that your tree may eternally whisper, Stay Close To Me.
What’s that Mishka?
The crib… Huu… Hmmm…
Could it still be there?
Would I be recognized?
Why do you even want to go back there?

Because that is where nature reached the sky.
Where my soul cried out to the stars.
Holding on… yearning to breathe freely,
As I was lifted up from the crib
… so that I may feel what stars really are,

Look Here Mishka…
This is the place where love created my journey.
Where her tears last touched my face.
Where her last stare was not in the Sky
… but here where her heart beats cried its last song of Me.
Here lies the remnants in breathing for what I am.

Your tree is not so far from me now.
The fabrications of this land are now ready to grant me my wonder,
For my tears have now crafted the instrument to play our song,
And the melody of my heart beats
… will shower you with my everlasting love!
Mishka, are you ready?
Yes Mishka,
I am holding on to the shoe lace.

(Sings Gabriel’s Oboe ~ Whispers in a Dream by Hayley Westenra)

Whispers in a dream.
The world is quiet and waiting …
And all around the air is still.
And sings the angels.

When all is come to pass.
The storm has breathed its last.
And the rain has washed our fears away.
Love will find.

Whispers in the wind.
The clouds part to let the light in.
And all around the people sigh.
As birds take to the sky.

When all is come to pass.
The storm has breathed its last.
And the rain.
Has washed our fears away.
Love will fall on us all.
The world will smile again.

Mishka… Mishka… Mishka!
We are here.
It’s time to reveal the recipe.

I feel the soil.
Let me at last return the final touch,
As now… I sense what I am.

A leaf fallen from her tree that was redeemed.
Through the stars to live this life freely,
For I will always be,
Her Sacrifice.