As I read about
the construction
of the Aqua Appia,
I see a picture of a
Three-tiered structure,
which at a glance
looks like a series
of m’s, which are
stacked on top
of each other.
Does anyone believe
that m inspired
the designing of the
Roman aqueducts?

Like them, m
is composed of arcs
with vertical lines
at the point of tangency.
How the shape of
the aqueducts took form
is a mystery like
the formation of the
letters of the alphabet
or the surfacing
of this memory
about my wife.

After I help her
into the tub,
I hang her robe
on a hook.
She ignores me
and sinks slowly
into her bath.
I look at the beads
of water on her brow.
I observe her hair
floating off her shoulder,
drifting around her neck,
and under her chin.
How gently,
she closes her eyes.