Oh America, I have left in search of a haven.
Away from the cries of my people.
Away from the fear you nurse.
Away in a search for the love of all.

Oh America, today I have traveled back in time.
A lost Chinese girl cries about her slanted eyes.
A lost Chinese girl keeps on crying, almost paralyzed.
Because every day, she is criminalized.

Oh America, you think I’m sick and dirty.
You think I am the chink that deserves to wash your feet.
You think I am the chink who eats cat and dog meat.
You think I am the chink that is unworthy enough for the white people.

Oh America, I am the one that cleans the dirt off your streets.
I am the one that programs your data sheets.
I am the one who cleans the floor at your feet.
I am the one you see everywhere – we all look alike.

Oh America, you ask why does everything have to be about race?
If not for race then explain,
Delania Ashley Yaun
Paul Andre Michels
Xiaojie Tan
Daoyun Feng
And I will continue to say their names.

Oh America, in my haven we will rest with peace.
You will not drown and silence our stories.
Because Chinese girls and boys gleam with endless dreams.
Because we have redeemed this paradise.

Oh America, now you feel uncomfortable?