I let him in with an open heart and all its passages
For light and love to find its way
My spirit soared as the soul saw its match
I leapt for joy on that spectacular day

But the end made its appearance in betrayal
Searing, shattering the connection to its core
Yet, time after time the dance of hope did not fail
With a force so intense and forgiveness in tow
My heart struggled and wrestled, whether to let go

But the other liaison tugged hard in her direction,
With allure, adventure and youth on her side
Resist, oh no, from that he would not hide
She was the one he would readily take
She easily slipped into that cherished space
Weary and torn, my heart could not bear the ache

But he was a chase in futility, his heart in pieces still
With regrets of great love never quite fulfilled
He dreams through the night of how to take flight
Who shall be in his life, filling the hole
No one knows which way it will roll
Never certain in knowing, his story will keep going
But the light that came through, and the soul that was touched
Never shall be forgotten, for a love that meant so much

Cheryl Blumenthal resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. She retired after many years of working in the nonprofit sector, and is concentrating on writing flash fiction and poetry, fulfilling her passion. In her other leisure time, Cheryl designs perfume bottles using mixed media with jewelry and exotic paper.