Music by Max Richter

Misery and Mercy
joined at the heart
mercy embraced
misery forgiven.

From misery’s limb
a feathered lark
takes flight and rises
lark’s song rises too.

Be patient Be patience
Be enduring comfort
Be merciful
Sing softly of mercy
softly as lark’s feather
resting in your palm

Sing gestured language
to others, to yourself
Pulsing, pulsing
in the soft space
of lark’s white
wing tips feathered
into bright sky

Listen to sweetness
a soft, quiet sky sings
for misery’s sake,
for mercy’s sake
Make space softly —
Make space inside
Where you can sing
of melancholy,
of misery and mercy
where you can chant
of gladness within misery
of suffering within mercy

A startled lark, flushed,
brushes your cheek
like grandmother’s kiss
of merciful forgiveness.