The French may have crepe,
but the secret to our good health
is a sizzling fermented batter
of rice and lentils,
dosas, without any oil
on a nonstick pan or griddle.
Our sunny comestible discs.
Fold them to create half suns.
Crisp or soft, take your pick.
Dip them in sambar, chutney, poodimas
to heighten flavor.
Crisp ones are tempting enough
without any accompaniments.
For a special treat have masala dosas
with a dollop of coconut-laced chutney.

We can have dosas day after day.
All that fiber protecting us from diseases,
leaving satisfied smiles on our faces.

Tara Menon’s poetry is forthcoming in “Global South,” “The Tiger Moth Review,” “Cider Press Review,” and “Orchards Poetry Journal.” Her recent poems have been published in “New Verse News,” “Tipton Poetry Journal,” “Arlington Literary Journal,” “San Pedro River Review,” “The Loch Raven Review,” and “American Writers Review.”