One day Dad bought a used pink station wagon
with his winnings from Las Vegas.
“Honey, you won’t believe what I paid for it!”
My sister, brother, and I were delighted.
Mom looked at that car like Jack’s mother
looked at the handful of beans
he had traded for their last cow.

We loved that car.
When we went to the drive-in movies
Mom would make a bento box:
nigiri (rice balls), teriyaki chicken, tsukemono .
When we put down all the seats
it was like one long bowling alley.
One night, I was doing roll overs in the back
and accidently knocked out my sister’s tooth
(It was already loose).

One of the best parts was going to the movie
playground in our pajamas.
When the movie was boring
we’d pull our blankets and pillows
cuddle together, sleep like a litter of puppies.

June Kazuko Inuzuka is an emerging Asian American poet. She was recently awarded a Raveel Grant to attend the Emily Dickinson house writers retreat in Belgium..