My whole dazed life
I implored begged
wailed for saints
ecstatic gurus
to awaken rescue
instruct how to live
teach me to write a psalm
that knits pain
into comfort shawl
draft a map endow
guide me from dark chasm
walk me into enlightenment

Know now I have
forfeited precious time
drained myself of fortitude
believe I have been given
another chance today
to avow venture trust
resurrect myself from
the murky quagmire as it
presents itself

Have awakened to notion
I am a puzzle
a breathing box
pieces big and small
each day one or two
emerge some clear
others gauzed
no instructions
but over time a painting
begins to brush itself

Now know I am invited to
end my stalling estrangement
Mark Nepo a wise poet
says the earth began
as a dish shattering
like you dear reader
I am nudged to fiercely
gently tenaciously
glue my pieces together