This dawn I applaud
I applaud sun’s rising
warming my hair
inviting my shadow
to make her entrance
for one more saunter
on this blessed blue marble

I applaud sun’s golden melody
applaud the way she composes
morning overture
demanding to be heard
I lift my hands in adoration
applaud inevitable dissonance
applaud promise of harmony

I applaud these early hours
the way they wrap my
body with blanketed themes
reoccurrings repetitions
some major moments
some minor cacophony

I applaud repetitions
that give me another chance
to make memories memorable
I applaud my awakened heart
for keeping the beat
I applaud my voice
improvising familiar longings

I applaud the applaud
applaud myself
for choosing to applaud
for taking one more jaunt
basking in suns gentle refrain
I applaud that I can applaud
another concert