what would have happened if Black Lives Matter
danced to the dark song of insurrection?

others are allowed to desecrate the cradle of democracy
with sedition choreographed by the Pinocchio President

would the words you are special and we love you
fall gracefully on Black Lives Matter’s ears?

would they be allowed to walk around freely
with smiles of satisfaction to be captured in selfies?

greeting each other with self-gratifying high fives
would BLM bodies be battered and broken

for taking their grievances to the street?
does a certain congenital cover make one invisible

undetectable to liability and accountability?
where were the batons, tear gas and rubber bullets

that are utilized against BLM so spontaneously?
do not answer that there is not a great divide

a chasm of race where some find a safety shroud.
do not tell me blue lives matter or all lives matter

until stolen Black Lives Matter.

Teresa Gray resides in Mount Vernon, New York. She has lived in England and Jamaica and has been writing since she was a teenager. She has performed at various open mikes throughout New York. She also has read her poetry on local television. She is Assistant Professor at Hostos Community College.