The azaleas are opening
like rain against the window.

Our brothers and sisters
back for another try

after a season of divorce
and suffering. How can I

reach out again to
newly green fingerings,

colors I have no names
for but flame red, lip purple,
yellow as a tambourine?

This spring is a hard one
in the shades of war.

Yet here is this opening,
this quiet celebration

just beyond glass,
where eyes see and covet

without encroaching.

Among David Radavich’s poetry collections are two epics, AMERICA BOUND and AMERICA ABROAD, as well as MIDDLE-EAST MEZZE and THE COUNTRIES WE LIVE IN. His plays have been performed across the U.S. and in Europe. His latest book is UNTER DER SONNE / UNDER THE SUN: German and English Poems from Deutscher Lyrik Verlag.