Once upon a mid-summer morning, sun illuminating
a path to distant destiny, two man set wandering.
One enshrined in gown of radiant righteousness,
the other in toga of deductive reason,
treading, fastening unaccountable merriness
in the wondrous warmth of this embracing season.

Mischievous indeed was the heaven Thunderer,
who swiftly struck down a bolt with glitter.
Two men at the junction collided, cross.
Though ‘tis with minute intensity,
Rigid adherence to their paths prompted further bickering.
Gown upbraided the toga:
            “Blind rag! Utter filth!”
Toga retorted with anathema:
            “Deaf scrap! Downright dolt!”

Flushed, furious, fists clenching,
Fire boiling in their furnaces,
Venom spat from split tongues,
extracting profanities that shocked
the mischievous Thunderer;
the good-hearted Shephard.
The enshrined, now Medusa;
the toga, now Hydra.

Tussling, tumbling, forgoing chariots,
they plunged into the lifeless
crevice of the underworld. Still falling,
hopeful horizon of earth upward retreating.
Still bickering, wrestling,
Beheaded Medusa enveloped by petrified Hydra struggling.

Tussling, tumbling, the lightless Meadows
Did they set astir wobbling;
The peaceful souls, kindly gods,
Did they unsettle, jiggling.
Too ferocious were the fight,
It could not remain unstopped.

Then came two nymphs; one Love, another Peace,
With bright, fair complexion, warm with ease.
Radiance of their benign power,
Ceased the fight, with holy nature.
Lithos from Hydra started to dissolve;
toga of reason appears, evolved.
Heads of Medusa rejuvenated;
gown of righteousness re-gilded.

Fixing perplexed lasting gaze,
Draughts of shame rushed through their mortal cheeks.
Thoughts struck back that they’re puppets of their craze,
Tempting craze unleashed without their heed.
One still righteous, another still with reason,
Moments ago just by their craze beaten.

Soared from the gulf towards horizon
snug and bright, they’re heading to the same place,
they realize, just different tracks chosen,
requesting nothing but communal aid.
Hand in hand, they strode forward in harmony,
under the beaming sun, towards their holy destiny.