So much depends
the imagist

senseless white
lustless wheel

ambiguous meta
cacophonous ver

Yet they thrive,
Economy of language with eight lines despite;
Pulses of whims fleet through their vacant mind,
Like weightless feathers undulating in the lows and highs
In their drab vacuum so trivial and light.

But what COULD I know?
Not with Shakespearean talent am I endowed.
But with cordial ecstasy that fervently glow
And devouring eyes that thirstily gloat,
I write and share with people my poem,
Though not as Pound’s, astounding and potent;
Yet I guess the joy from it that I derive
Applies to all the poets outright.

Chris is a high school student from China. He was originally enthusiastic about physics, yet as he read more fiction/poetry in school, he started to see the similarity in aesthetics between them. Writing poems, hence, became a great way for him to unleash his imagination and emotions.