Crow struts
Like king of the road
In tarred gravel
Alongside a four-lane,
Undaunted by cars passing
On their way to work.

Opossum peers,
Front paws perched in
Slingshot-shaped stump.
He blinks in sunlight
As though rudely awakened
By uncaring motorists.

Raccoon races for
Underbrush beside highway.
He fears for his life
When metal monsters
Cross his path,
Disturb his world.

Seven dead deer,
Each a mangled mess,
Mark the miles
Between two points
Along with a myriad
Of deer crossing signs.

Karen Krotzer, a school teacher, resides in Manassas, VA. She has been writing poems since the fourth grade. She has been published in school literary and art magazines in both high school and in college, by Great Lakes Poetry Press, the Tom Byrd Institute, Hutton Publications and Local Gems Press.