Growing up, we spent Christmases at my grandma’s house. It was a wonderful houseful of family with much laughter, storytelling, shenanigans and fun. We all packed into my grandma’s tiny house, with only one bathroom; but it was what we knew, so it was good. One thing I love about my family is that we are a very informal, accepting bunch. Everyone is included and beloved and if there’s a way to make something work, we will find a way to overcome pretty much any obstacle. One Christmas, my grandma had bought a roast for Christmas dinner, but we learned that my aunt had to leave early on Christmas to get home several hours away for a shift at the hospital where she was a nurse. My uncle jokingly said we could have roast for breakfast … and the challenge was accepted by my thrifty grandma. We woke up to the amazing smells of coffee, sauteing onions and Christmas roast. No one else I know has ever had the pleasure of this amazing Christmas breakfast, but it became my family’s annual tradition.

roast beef cooking
coffee percolating–
must be Christmas morning