I would never
dance naked but
my Shadow frolics like ocean kelp
twirls sways gyrates
from room to room blinds not drawn
Man in the Moon winks

I would never waltz
in tight dress but
my Shadow dons silver gown
metallic mermaid skin
every bulge crack cleavage
solo-dances a sexy tango

I would never walk
without marked path but
my Shadow raucously stomps an Apache dance
through field of daisies with impulse
to decorate her buttonhole

I would never hop a tall fence
that shouts “Do not enter” but
my Shadow careens over
says “It’s unkind to keep us on this side
it’s greener over there”

I would never jitterbug
with my “Do Not Open” dreams but
my shadow shreds wrappings lip syncs
gavottes with each hidden dishonored longing
like from a deck of cards she chooses one

I would never abandon her
even with vastly different dance styles but
Shadow warns,
“If you won’t tap dance wild
on the hood of a rusted old car
I’m packing my bag”

Poet Laureate of Napa Country and Pushcart Nominee (2016), Marianne Lyon taught music for 43 years. She has also taught in Nicaragua, and Hong Kong. She is published in literary magazines and reviews. She is a member of the California Writers Club and Solstice. She is Adjunct Professor at Touro University.