I’ve begun to realize
you can listen to silence
and learn from it. It has a
quality and dimension all
its ownChaim Potak

There is all around
whirling world of silent love
everywhere I look
quiet merciful hands touch
heal, reach for
companioned walk at dusk

Everywhere passing eyes
call out to hurried
strangers who for a moment
their grateful heads sagely

And I ask if you think
silent love carries
a voice all her own before
she sings a duet with
words of soothing lullabies
croons inside inflamed
verses of Romeo and Juliet

I wonder if I become quiet
enough will I be able to
feel rhythmic voice of her heart
hear melodic croon touch
my enchanting wonder
will I be able
to feel silent love’s joyous unraveling
authentic giddy radiant
in pungent quiet